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Step-by-step training system designed to teach you how to use your bass drum with speed, power and creativity


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  • I Want To Play Lightning Fast Double Strokes With My Bass Drum

    And Master Each Different Type Of Double Stroke For Maximum Drum Shreddage.

  • I Want To Learn 'Kick Licks'

    I Want To Learn A Whole Series Simple And Powerful Hand-To-Foot Combinations Used By The Pros To Easily Solo Around The Kit Without Having To Think.

  • I Want To Enhance My 'Drummer's Ear'

    Once Training Is Complete I Want To Be Armed With The Skills To Identify And Play Many Drum Fills I Once Thought Were Out Of My League

  • I Want Drumset Domination

    I Want To Learn How To Apply The Kick Drum Around The Kit Using Dynamic Drum Fills, Comfort Exercises And Speed Drills


  • I Want To Learn Gospel-Chop Accents And Patterns

    I Want To Emphasize On Time Or Off Time Cymbal Accents With Easy To Follow Patterns And Awesome Sounding Drum Licks

  • I Want To Expand My Creativity

    Mostly All Of The Exercises And Patterns In The Kick Fills System Are Designed For Total Creative Expansion. Endless Possibilities!

“-the shocked looks on my bandmate’s faces really made this course soooo worth it”

- JX Chavez, Drummer, Chicago, IL

What Is The Kick Fills System?

The Kick Fills System is a step-by-step training course designed to Unlock The Power Of Your Bass Drum. Using innovative practice techniques and drumming patterns, this system takes the mystery out of some of the most complex and awesome sounding drumming, while also providing you with the tools to hit the ground running.

Our Mission

  • 1.

    Unlock Massive Speed With Your Bass Drum

  • 2.

    Learn The Elements Of Getting More Bass Drum Into Your Drum Fills

  • 3.

    Train Real-Time Bass Drum Application With A Massive Amount Of Patterns, Licks, And Pre-Made Drum Fills That Can Be Played In Hundreds Of Variations. No Guess Work Required!

  • 4.

    Expand & Enhance Your Drum Fill Arsenal Beyond Measure

The 4 Module System To Incredible Drum Fills

Module 1: Getting Up To Speed

In module one we start with some simple kick-drum based fills, several linear exercises & some workout routines to help get your foot up to speed with all the different ways of playing lightning fast double strokes.

Module 2: Drum Fill Enhancement

In module 2 we begin to play with some fun, dynamic drum fills that use the elements we learned in module 1 (plus a few new ones). I'll teach you some of my favorite linear patterns and drum fills that are sure to challenge your playing and Kick-Start your creativity. Here we really want to focus on bass drum variation-control so your drumming can be as flexible and dynamic as possible.

Module 3: Variation Control Master Class

In Module 3 we take it to the next level. Let’s take all that we’ve been practicing from Module’s 1 & 2 and throw it all into a series of intense drum fills, linear patterns and exercises that will really help solidify your muscle memory for performing the many variations of Kick Fills.

The Kick Licks Expansion Pack

Newly added to the Kick Fills System, this expansion pack includes a massive amount of mind-blowing patterns and drum licks you can use to effortlessly solo around the kit without even thinking. You will learn complex sounding stick patterns that can be combined into huge drum solos, awesome sounding drum fills, or eye-catching accent chops.

Added Bonuses:

  • Step-By-Step

    Each Lesson Starts Slow With Multiple Speed Levels So You Can Grow At Your Own Pace

  • Downloadable Play Alongs

    Lessons Come With Downloads So You Can Play Along As You Grow!

  • PDF Downloads

    Improve Your Notation Reading Skills With Downloadable Sheet Music For Each Lesson


Expand Your Drum Fill Arsenal

With 36 lessons (and growing), filled with speed exercises, linear fill patterns, pre-made fill ideas, and an endless amount of drum lick variations, you never have to play the same old boring fills again! Join the drumming elite, playing undeniably ear-catching drum fills without even having to think.

Take The Mystery Out Of Pro Level Drumming

The exercises & dynamic drum fills in the Kick Fills System were designed to help drummers at almost any skill level master & maintain an effortless ability with their bass drum.

In Conclusion

Don’t spend a fortune. Don’t waste time on hundreds of practice routines that won’t get you results. Some programs out there cost nearly $200, and require you to sit through 15 hours of boring routines! Do you really want to watch 15 hours of videos??? I personally guarantee, at the end of this training, if you’ve followed the lessons and spent the time practicing these methods…your foot will be able to perform any fill I’ve ever taught. I feel so strongly about this program I’ve even backed it with our 30 day money back guarantee. Thanks, And keep playing. -Rias

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