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Get Instant Access To All Training Packs

(Over 7 hours of next-level drum coaching)

Master Your Hand Coordination

The Drummer's Hand Training Pack covers beginner through advanced hand training. Build speed, confidence and control as you master your hand fills and your weak hand for maximum soloing ability.

3+ Hours. 200 Videos.


Master Your Foot Technique

The Kick Fills System covers our exclusive foot exercises and sticking concepts designed to help you master your single-kick while also building massive drum fill ability. With everything from Gospel Chops to speed drills this system will help you easily solo around the drums without even having to think.

3+ Hours. Over 30 videos.


Learn TONS Of Drum Fill Patterns

This 16 video lesson pack breaks down some of my favorite crossover patterns, exercises & drum fills that are guaranteed to get you some on-stage attention. Even if you've never played a crossover fill in your life, this pack is designed to build comfort, confidence and creativity.

16 Videos. 1.5 Hours


Simply join, choose a lesson, and press play.

Here are some examples of what you'll learn:

  • Play Lightning Fast Double Strokes With Your Bass Drum

    And Master Each Different Type Of Double Stroke For Maximum Drum Shreddage.

  • Master Your Weak Hand

    After Completing The Drummer’s Hand Training Pack You’ll Have Enough Practice Under Your Belt To Play Your Favorite Rudiments & Most Fill Patterns Leading With Right Or Left Hand. This Is Great For Soloing As It Opens Up An Entirely Different Side Of The Drum Set

  • Enhance Your 'Drummer's Ear'

    Once Training Is Complete You Will Be Armed With The Skills To Identify And Play Many Drum Fills You Once Thought Were Out Of Your League

  • Drumset Domination

    Learn How To Apply The Kick Drum Around The Kit Using Dynamic Drum Fills, Comfort Exercises And Speed Drills


  • Gospel-Chop Accents And Patterns

    Emphasize On Time Or Off Time Cymbal Accents With Easy To Follow Patterns And Awesome Sounding Drum Licks

  • Expand Your Creativity

    Mostly All Of The Exercises And Patterns In Our Training Packs Are Designed For Total Creative Expansion. Endless Possibilities!

Platinum Members Also Get...

in addition to our Training Packs

Access To The Weekly Fill Feed

(52 Additional Challenge Videos)

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With the Weekly Fill Feed you'll get 2 new drum fill lessons added to your account each week. Which means every week you'll have a new drum fill idea, linear pattern, or drum chop to add to your growing drum fill arsenal. Each drum fill idea contains multiple sticking concepts that you can take away and create your own dynamic drum fills, so the possibilities are endless!

New Drum Fill Patterns Added To Your Account Each Week...

The Floor Exchange

T. Pridgen Style Soloing Lick

The Driplets Lick

The Big Showoff Fill

The Belltower Fill

The Around The 1 Fill

Fill'r Fills Drum Chop

The Boswell Jr. Lick 2


See What Our Amazing Students Have To Say

"Best instructor ever. Thanks Rias, you are the man! I've been running back through the Kick Fills Series again. The amazing thing about these videos is that you can go back to them over and over - It never get's old."

Jim O'Keefe - Drummer, North Carolina

"In over 4 years of taking private lessons I've never made as much HUGE progress with my hands as I did with the Drummers Hand Training Pack."

Leon Padeck - Drummer, Germany

"I've been wanting to learn how to play drums for years but kept putting it off because of time, cost, and the effort it takes to learn something new. But then I signed up with KJ Rias and I was blown away! After one lesson module I could play a whole song, even with a little cymbal and fill action. I'm so stoked that I'm finally doing it! Can't wait to start the next pack!"

Sherri Starr McCusker - Drummer, San Diego

Who This Membership Is For:

If you're here, it's most likely because you're looking to improve something about your drumming. With online drum lessons it's now easier than ever to learn anything you want on the drums. Here at KJRias.com we focus specifically on your creativity and flow around the drum set.

If you want to develop the skills to use your bass drum more effectively in your drumming...

If you want develop your hands for better speed, power and control...

If you want to learn exercises that will allow you to lead with either your left, or your right hand while you play...

If you want to learn to play complex drumming concepts that are so embedded into your system that you can flow through any pattern without having to think...then this membership program was made for you.

Here's Why You Should Give It A Try

I want to accept your investment only if you are satisfied with it.

So sign up for Platinum Membership now. You get 30 days to go through everything. If you don't think you've gotten 10x the value of your investment contact Support here to get your money back.

Why take online drum lessons?

  • Instant Access

    Get started right away. By the time your next lesson with a live drum teacher rolls around, you could already have several new concepts down solid.

  • No Travel Time

    Instead of driving across town to meet your instructor you can simply power up your computer or mobile device and get started.

  • Learn Anywhere

    All lessons are mobile device friendly so you can learn anywhere with an internet connection.

  • 24/7 Access

    Ever find yourself stuck trying to remember what you went over in your last lesson? With online drum lessons you can simply hit play and all the lesson content is right there for your convenience.

  • Save Money

    Most in-person drum lessons can cost over $50 an hour.

  • 100% Risk Free

    If you’re not completely blown away by your new drum skills, our 30 day money back guarantee promises your results without the worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Once I join, how long till I receive my lessons?

ANSWER: No time at all. After registration you will be taken instantly to your choice of lesson packs and training videos to start learning.

QUESTION: Are there downloads?

ANSWER: Yes! Our lesson packs have downloadable play-alongs and sheet music. So even without an internet connection you can always have your practice notes with you on your mobile device.

QUESTION: Can I really quit anytime?

ANSWER: Yes! There are no obligations or hidden fees. Just $27 a month until you've had your fill. You pay only for as long as you want to. If at any time you feel like you've learned enough, simply email us  through our CONTACT page and we'll take care of it, no questions asked. You can re-join whenever you like.

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