Once I Sign Up, Where Do I Find My Content?

Near the top-right of any page, click on "Dashboard" to be taken to your content access page. (Gold members and above only)


Sequence: A “Sequence” is a series of 2 or more video lessons that focus on a specific groove, exercise, training drill or drum solo. Our Sequences section is constantly being updated with fun and exciting new lessons.

Lesson Pack: A Lesson Pack is a series of 8 or more videos that focuses on a specific technique, skill, style, or category in the world of drumming. Examples of future lesson packs are Foot Speed, Hand Speed, World Grooves, Rudiments, Beginner Drumming, Drum Tuning, etc.

Supporting Members: (Platinum/Gold)

Weekly Fill Feed:

If you're signed up for either Gold or Platinum membership, you've been automatically signed up to receive weekly drum lesson videos added to your account. To access these videos, make sure you're logged in and go to your user Dashboard via the 'link' at the top right of any page. After sign-up your bonus content will be instantly available from your member Dashboard. After that your next weekly video will appear in your "Weekly Videos" page (also accessible from your dashboard) 1 week after your initial sign-up; then every week you are a member after that.

Please note: the weekly videos will appear in your member area on the day AND time that you signed up. For example, if you signed up for Gold membership at 10pm, the next video in your weekly feed will appear at 10pm the following week.


When upgrading your account, if you are upgrading FROM Gold TO Platinum you will be signed up for what we call Platinum+ Membership. This simply means that you will be charged for your Gold and Platinum Memberships separately. Which means you will continue to be charged your $7.00/month Gold Member fee, then a separate fee of $20.00/month for your Platinum Membership. The reason for this is so you do not lose your place in the Weekly Fills Video Feed.

Each charge will be  made to your financial account based on the day you signed up for each member level.

For example, if you initially signed up for Gold membership on the 5th of October, then upgraded to Platinum the following month on November the 1st; your Gold charge ($7) would occur on the 5th of each month, and your Platinum ($20) would occur on the 1st.

This is not the case for members who sign directly into Platinum membership at the beginning of your Weekly Fills feed. Direct Platinum Members will see only a single charge of $27/month.

Cancelling Paid Membership:

In order to cancel a paid membership via PayPal; log into your Paypal account and find your Recurring Payments area. From there simply click Cancel next to the recurring payment for KJRIAS.COM.

Credit Card
In order to cancel a paid membership created with a credit card, simply send an email to [email protected] requesting a cancellation. Your payments will be cancelled within 24 hours, no questions asked.


What Gear Do You Play:

Current Equipment:

PDP 4 piece, all Birch wood kit.
10" rack tom
14" floor tom
22" kick drum
Current - 14 inch "Two Face" Snare By BONE DRUMS
Formally - 14" Pork Pie Acryllic snare.
8"   TRX ALT Splash
10" Zildjian Splash
13" TRX BRT Hi-Hats
16" TRX NRG Crash
18" TRX Crash
22" Sabian AAX Power Bell Ride
Bone Drums
TRX Cymbals
Catalyst Cloth
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