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    Over 3 Hours Of Training Broken Down So You Can Go At Your Own Pace

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    52 Targeted Exercises, Drills And Sticking Combinations Designed To Build The Hard to Reach “Drummer Muscles” That Help Develop Muscle Memory

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    Each Lesson Starts Slow With Multiple Speed Levels So You Can Grow At Your Own Pace

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    Designed For All Skill Levels

    Here's What's Included In This Pack

    Module 1: Handy Sticking (Rudiments)

    Right Hand/Left hand In Module 1 we start with MASTERING several of the most fun and useful rudiments/sticking patterns.

    Using speed drills, lead shifts, kit practice & drum fill application we're going to make this fun as well as comprehensive. Each concept starts very slow, then we build up our speed with play along exercises that let you move up the speed levels at your own pace. Also, we throw in some really helpful practice tips to help move you through the learning curve.


    Module 2: Power Builders

    Building Bigger, Stronger, Faster Drummer Muscles
    In Module 2 we focus on a set of drills & exercises that really pump up your power & endurance. After years of teaching drums, these are some of our favorite, proven & most effective sticking patterns for building speed & power, FAST.

    Each exercise pattern will shift from right hand leading, to left hand leading on the fly, which is not only great for building up your weak hand, it's also incredibly helpful with soloing.

    We call these exercises 'Arm Busters'. Basically it's like doing push-ups specifically designed for your 'drummer muscles', which can be hard to build otherwise. These practice methods can be used every day. Use them to warm up before a show, at rehearsal, or at home on your practice pad to build maximum power!

    Module 3: Solo Builders

    Mastering Sticking Combos
    In Module 3 we use what we've learned so far to combine sticking patterns & rudiments into awesome sounding drum fills, solo's, and speed exercises to help you navigate the drum set faster!

    Play along with these unique, step by step, 'hand-made' practice techniques that include mid-solo lead hand shifting, complex sticking combinations, drum fill creation, adding cymbal accents, simple pre-made solo's, endurance practice, speed drills and much much more!


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